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how to test your positioning

Things like quality, and good service are no longer differentiating factors for your business. It's what people expect from the start. You need to give something more — a reason to care. The positioning of your brand is crucial, it's how people start to care. But how do you know if your positioning needs testing? Here are some symptoms of poor positioning:



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6 Symptoms of Poor Positioning

Marketplace positioning is everything, but how can you determine your companies' positioning strength? Here are 6 symptoms of poor marketplace positioning.

1. Anonymity - not well known

If you're not very well known in your industry, this is the first symptom of poor positioning. Companies that are well known, know it. So do their customers and so do their competitors.

2. Lack of sales flow - not enough opportunities

Well positioned companies have very little competition. If you product or service solves a problem that people have, you should have a consistent sales flow. If there aren't enough opportunities coming through your door, it could mean that the problem needs solving, but customers aren't choosing you to solve them.

Good positioning alleviates this problem by being the entity that your customers always go to, and trust.

3. Forced to compete on price

Commodity: the market treats instances of the good/service as equivalent or nearly so with no regard to who produced them -

Competing on price puts you in the commodity market. You and your work are not meaninfully different from others in the industry and your positioning needs work.

4. Easily replaced

The time it takes for one of your clients or customers to find another company to do what you do, is an indicator to how well you're positioned. Does it take them 1 hour or 1 month to find someone else? The longer the time it takes, the stronger your positioning. The shorter it takes, the weaker your positioning.

5. Clients/customers dictate terms

If you are an industry expert, you should sell your expertise as such. You wouldn't tell Rolls-Royce how they should build their cars, so why would you allow clients/customers to dictate your process?

Same goes for terms of the engagement. If you can't win the business while charging a price premium, you positioning needs work.

6. Limited to local clients/customers

Being well positioned means that you must be able to survive on the global marketplace. Well positioned companies have business come in from all around the world. Their expertise, their products are in high demand from everywhere. If you are limited to local clients/customers, this is an indication that your work is good, but your positioning needs work.

Test Your Positioning

Imagine being in a room with 2000 other people, in a similar business field. Suppose we ask you to stand up and say what you do. Next we ask for anyone who does the same thing to stand up as well. How many would there be standing?

If you see more than 10 people stand up around you, you have a positioning problem. You're not meaningfully different, and there is some work you need to do.

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