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what we are selling and what you are buying need to match

In the past, we got so caught up with taking orders from clients. "What else do you need? Would you like sides with that? What kind of dressing? Anything else?" As our expertise got deeper, we started to understand that experts are are not order takers. We understand that you, the client, probably knows what you want, but don't know what you should want. You are not as informed as you could be.



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what we are selling needs to match what you are buying

Why were we order takers? Well, we want to please our clients of course. And honestly, we thought that you'd be more willing to pay if we scratched any and every itch you had.

There is a certain amount of that of course. We would have no future by ignoring clients. But what we do now, is listen — clearly and efficiently — but then go deeper. Beyond your perceived solutions and actually listen as an expert. In this stage, we ask questions that may be uncomfortable, surprising — sometimes even annoying.

being an expert means working on the right things, in the right way.

Notice the title of this article isn't "what clients are buying" , but rather, "what are we selling". These things don't always match, but let's focus on the latter so you can make more informed decisions. Full disclosure, we aim to sell the right things as an advisor. Whether that's branding, marketing, or creative related.

we would like to suggest a three-part framework for what we are selling. (this is the what, not the how.)

  • we are selling objectivity, which comes from externality. One of the only reasons we are able to help you is that we are not part of your world. You are inside the jar, and can't read the label. We enter your world and can see the label clearly. We don't mean to say that reading labels is something only we can do, you can read other people's — just not your own. You're too close to your situation to see it for what it is. And this can only be done with strong powers of observation, combined with the courage to describe what you see.
glass whiskey bottle on it's side with label facing up

  • we are selling knowledge, which comes from focus. We can't just observe and speak about what we see. From accurate diagnosis, comes the prescription. This is like turning up to the job with the proper tool. Our strength comes from having seen it before and knowing how to fix it. This inside knowledge would not be possible without focus in the gaming industry, and we would not be able to establish patterns without sufficient exposure to these kinds of problems.

man holding camera lens to horizon in a city, bringing focus to what's in the lens

  • we are selling perception, which comes from self-awareness. We can't be a reliable oberver without calibrating our sensors and see where things are throwing us off. We need to be self-aware of the things that frustrate us in particular, or are regularly dismissive of, we make sure we know these things about ourselves so that it doesn't skew our observations. If our sensors are off by a small margin, we make sure that our observations take that into account. In other words, if our gauges always read high, we keep this in mind as we make our interpretations.

It's worth noting that we try to avoid being in extremely lengthy projects in the long term. It's hard to be present in a client relationship while retaining objectivity. The longer we are around, the more we are part of the problem and not the solution. We prefer a more episodic appearance. Something like a liberating force, rather than an occupying one.

and now you know exactly what we are selling.

We always try to find clients whose desire to buy matches our desire to sell so that we are aligned. If you're not sure if we are aligned, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to find out.

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