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brand dna workshop

Many of today’s brands look and speak the same — we call this the indistinguishables. Brands that can truly create a unique position in the market and live up to their brand promise at every touch point can capture more share and profit by creating a loyal customer base.

We’ll guide you through our Branding Process and aid you in the creation of a strong and relevant brand that you can eventually bring out to the market. The workshop will start to create the following path to help define where your brand is today and where it can evolve to drive a strong connection with your target customers.

  • Define examples of strong and focused brands that deliver powerful business results
  • Define the journey of an evolutionary or revolutionary brand transformation
  • Define the Theory of Color and importance in the branding process
  • Capture key words that embody the new brand you are creating
  • Create the foundation of the visual roadmap for your brand

your takeaway

Your customized Brand DNA session will deliver a brand plan that will help your team create the foundation for your new branding, look and feel, and approach to messaging.