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channel strategy workshop

Underneath your business objectives lies a complex web of functional goals and strategies that may look good on paper but are very difficult to implement. One of the biggest challenges facing gaming industry brands is assessing the value, risks and potential for each channel they serve. Not to mention, seeing how in total, they will deliver on the sales growth and margin expectations over the coming years.

We can help you assess, validate and refine your approach and expectations from the channels that your brand serves with our MarketMap™ process.

Depending on the needs of your business, we have structured half-day and full-day work sessions led by our experienced leadership that will help you break down your revenue and profit streams with great granularity to reveal answers to questions like:

  • Is your current mix of business keeping you from reaching your CAGR goals?
  • Does your marketing plan align with your channel mix goals?
  • What happens to your revenue goals if a major consolidation begins to take place in your number two channel of sales?
  • How many new customers do you need to achieve the growth outlined by company leadership?

your takeaway

Your team will walk away from the session with a clear understanding of the strategy for each channel you serve, as well the decisions that can make the most positive impact on your business goals for the next few years.