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fan experience workshop

Today’s customers value the experience your brand offers, even more than the products you sell. Building loyal fans goes way beyond product.

Through our FX Journey Mapping process, we work with you to understand your customers’ needs, identify conversion triggers, and develop a customized Map—a streamlined customer experience plan for enabling long-term loyalty and increased profits.

  • Defining and prioritizing key customers to initially focus on
  • Develop a profile for each customer group (deeper segmentation can also be done in other scoped work)
  • Create the foundation of a Map that starts to identify key touch points or gaps in each customer group’s experience with your brand
  • Discuss ways to embed into your brand approach and organizational culture
  • Define appropriate metrics and process to measure

your takeaway

Your customized customer experience session will deliver a Journey Map plan that will start to help your team define and prioritize the key touchpoints and gaps that each of your defined key customer’s experience with your brand within their buying process — influencing go-forward investments in your resourcing and overall planning process Today, customers expect a great customer experience and sometimes value this even more than the product or service itself. We’ll help you understand how to deliver an extraordinary experience to help ensure you outperform your competition.